Saturday, July 18, 2020

Guardian with large paws

Gently pollen smudged

Poppies with these centers are just fantastic.

Glory in peach

It looksl ike some of the petals have been watercolored...

Tender cups

Wild sweet


Monday, July 6, 2020

Evening toil (scanning project)

I devoted my evening to scanning prints while listening to a great audio book (the English translation of The Vegetarian by Han Kang).  It is something I should not have put off - the experimental new emulsions (from the Impossible Project, later Polaroid Originals, and now just Polaroid) aren't entirely stable, and some of my earlier work has faded into a dull haze.  It is disappointing, considering how much each print costs, but also that the images briefly look SO GOOD.  The monochrome emulsions keep improving in contrast, but I don't know how long I'll have them... The color is still a mixed bag.  

(This is a big contrast to Fuji's instant prints, which are much more vivid, saturated, and possibly even stable.)


Stepping up the level of detail

Vivid charm

Taller skyline (above Duboce Park)

Salesforce Tower is still a surprise, somehow...

Together on Dividadero

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Southbound panorama

I went out for exercise, and took this south-looking panorama from Monterey Blvd in Sunnyside.  On the far left is City College of San Francisco; center left between the tree and lightpole is San Bruno Mountain; center right is my current hill.



Saturday, July 4, 2020

Marine layer scented with mesquite

Our municipal fireworks show has been cancelled, which somehow also cancelled the fog that so often accompanies what evolves into a 'colorful fog show.'  There IS a marine layer, but it is diffuse.

The call-and-response of M-80 to car alarms has continued all week, and reached a peak earlier this evening.

(This is a view looking north/northwest from the highest point in the Ingleside.  The range and peak in the lower right distance is Mount Tamalpais.  It isn't clear enough to see the white observatory on the ridge there.)