Friday, April 29, 2022

My Alien Hatched Today

 Whoever thought this was a type of cucumber really has some issues.

Humpback Whale in San Francisco Bay (28 Apr)

 This was beyond exciting! Hooray for humpbacks! 

Ship in red, white, and black (26 Apr)


Pointillist Window View (21 Apr)


Monday, April 18, 2022

Compressed ship

 It's got some great colors, that ship.


 I enjoy water splashing on the windows entirely too much.  (And that is okay!)

Rain (or a new volcano) to the north

 Honestly, it looks like Mt. Tam erupted.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Cloud escape (April 13)


The sweep - cloud curve (April 13)


Bay Farm Texture (April 13)

 Universal office park style. (I'm here for the shadows.)

Wonderful Wednesday Morning (April 13)

 I told you my phone is filled with skies.

Any day that begins with a sky like this is a GREAT day to be alive.

Wet shapes (April 12)

 Wet windows lead to fun.

I love diagonal shadows (April 10)

 Most of my photos of these interactions are in monochrome...

Tower geometry (filter)(April 6)

 Yes, I am admiring the reflections in the interior verticals from a new angle.

Drama in the sky (filter)(March 15)

 The filter makes what is obviously fun MORE FUN.

Old details on a new building (filtered)(April 5)


Morning sky with Bay Bridge and Pier (April 4)

 It is a well-placed cloud.

Murder ball (wild cucumber)(April 3)

 These spikes are HARD.  This is a weapon, not a fruit!

Building with Meander (April 3)

The giant pin (bike rack) cracks me up.  Also: it's funny that we use Roman numerals on buildings: it's funny enough that we copy their ancient temple structure for banks, but going down to the numbering system level is amusing to me. (MCMXXII is a long way to say 1922!)

Hummingbirds like giant echium (March 31)

 And their wings move so quickly in low light that my phone can't capture them!

My phone is full of ships (March 28)

I was explaining to a friend what the purpose of smaller container ships are (the sort that can go upriver and unload in smaller ports), and it makes me think I'm spending too much time commuting.

My phone is full of skies (March 25)

While I've changed my method for posting here, so it is less spontaneous, it may be sparing you from nothing but an endless collection of cloud images.  I think that's good, but my sense of moderation of what I admit to photographing may be misaligned with what I actually photograph.

Art Face (March 30)


Warm Petals (27 March)