Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Assorted Flavors: Curtain Wall with Louvers

Assorted Flavors: large wall

A block-wide industrial wall like this, kept clean and well painted, is... unexpected.  Not so much for the existence of the wall, but for the existence of an open lot beside it (which would ordinarily have been filled with luxury housing by now!).

Assorted Flavors: Glass Highrise

I rarely play with photo filters, since I have access to all the chemistry I need to make historic variations of prints.  I *do* see the appeal, sometimes, however.  

Marine Firemen’s Union frieze (or metope?)

The added color is really nice.  It's a shame that this style of art isn't so common now...

Historic industrial with brick

I really like the strange, triangular (in plan) driveways/cutouts in some of these old warehouses...  They are often marked with different colors, though not this one....  The utility pole business is off the charts in this area, and one here appears to be sprouting fire escapes (though it isn't).

You know how I am about brick buildings with fire escapes.

Jaume Plensa’s Overflow X

This sculpture is both strong and delicate...  I really love it.  Jaume Plensa's website has more great work! 

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Blue with angles

Street texture and scale, high traffic area

None of this is really at person scale, is it?  I waited for people to walk into the frame so you wouldn't mistake the openings for those of an ordinary garage door size.  I'm sure the drawings didn't make this obvious.

Historic bridge love, small bridge division

I don't know why I adore this little bascule bridge, but the Fourth Street Bridge is adorable to me.  (The same firm designed the Golden Gate Bridge, but there is no family resemblance here.)

Urban water

My neighborhood was completely gray while I was across town, taking this image...

Brickwork with ring

A nice detail in the South End Historic District.  (I believe this was once the location of Moore Shipbuilding.)

Red window frames

I don't recall this building being so colorful in the past...

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Autumn floral joy

After enjoying a Flower Piano performance, I took a walk in the foggy botanical garden with a friend, and enjoyed some gorgeous colors in the relatively low light.  We are so LUCKY to live in a climate that can support so many plants from around the world!

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Duochrome (after my chores were done)

I took a break from the extremely boring business of backing up my photography archives to go out into the late afternoon sun and shoot some high-contrast photos.

The shadows were harsh in a very satisfying way!

The defective Polaroid cartridge that I decided to salvage myself (by disassembling it, swapping out its battery for one from a recently used cartridge, and reassembling it) did work, but the vignetting was terrible, because I'd done the swapping in subdued light (rather than a darkroom) after having the new battery get caught on the metal sprint that pushes the images forward...  I think I learned enough from that to be able to perform that fix in a darkroom if I ever need to again, so I can get better results.

I like geometric patterns

I have photos of this building going back to the early 80s.  (Not that I can find those.)

Far from the train

I must have known this was a Southern Pacific building in the past, but I've thought of it as One Market for so long, that I'd forgotten.  

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Monday, September 6, 2021

Mist and mirrors

We, an area specializing in fog, have been under fog advisories for a few days, and... it's pretty impressive.  It's not just being unable to see to the corner of my own street; it's having the beach disappear, or having surfers fade into and out of the mist...

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Preview appreciation

I enjoyed people enjoying the Joan Mitchell member preview at SFMoMA.

I hadn't known Mitchell's work well, and this is a great show.  I realized I have a strong preference for her work that has a sort of center, and forms similar to trees.  I also liked her smaller work, which also had very bold strokes - it wasn't scaled down unnecessarily.  

It was quite a contrast to visit the Agnes Martin room first, and then the Mitchell show, to see the wild RANGE of things that can be considered abstract expressionist.  (I lean more toward Martin, and/or fewer colors, and/or specific geometries.)

Curves below E Kelly

Three curvy shadows!

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Tuesday night organization projects

It's so cute that people think artists live very glamorous lives...  maybe the monetarily successful ones do.  But I am looking for something in my archive, and my archive isn't quite as complete as I had believed it was...

1076 (DC Streetcar)

A long-time favorite.  

Reflection (filters make it more blue)

Those deep bay greens are not as alluring to my filter options, I see...  I like all the white lines (from the reflected pier structure, out of frame), and am trying to figure out if this does look like a painting I could achieve...