Monday, March 25, 2024

Violet time

 I enjoy echium and its native pale violet friends along the shore of the bay.

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Condominium and Hotel Forest (1 March)

The (re)development of downtown San Diego has spawned a vast series of towers with balconies and bay views, reminding me of the north end of Honolulu for its recentness.  I haven't been to San Diego in decades prior to this brief business trip, so nothing was familiar! 

Concrete Words (1 March)

 The pattern continues inside the building - the S, I, and F are windows...

Star of India, San Diego (29 February)

I can easily imagine returning to San Diego to visit and enjoy their historic ships, and compare them to our own.  (Balclutha forever!) 

Backlit fish (29 February)

Oh - they have light rail in San Diego! 

San Diego from the Water (29 February)

It is SO DIFFICULT to take sharp photos from a moving ship at night...  But my phone tried.  To see where it doesn't work, look at that ultra-low-res airplane in the upper left!  :D 

SF Chinese New Year Parade - long, long Gum Lung (24 February)

This has to be the longest I've ever seen this famous dragon, who closes out the parade.  He went on for more than a block, nearly two! 

SF Chinese New Year Parade - dancing (24 February)

Hooray for all the groups, from school bands to cultural dance teams, keeping the parade so FESTIVE!

Special shout out for Kwan Yin (choose your own translated spelling) with the light up halo! 

SF Chinese New Year Parade - favorite lions (24 February)

Lion dancers are so fun!  I was standing near some kids, and the kids who were the lion dancers themselves were GREAT about ensuring they gave the kids in the audience lots of attention.  (Good kids!)