Saturday, October 28, 2023

Stormy Wednesday Sunset (25 Oct)

 I'm sure you're tired of me saying so, but clouds make skies BETTER!

View from inside (23 Oct)

 Everyone should keep their windows cleaner, so I don't miss these kinds of scenes...

Friday, October 20, 2023

Bay Sunset with Bird (19 October)

 This reminds me of a latch-hook sunset on my aunt's wall... but it had two geese.

Wright Engine (18 October)


1950s Instamatic Instagr*m Feature (15 October)

 It's just... so... golly.

Should be a movie set, but is a dining room (15 October)

 It might be possible to fool people into believing they had time traveled, this space seems so authentic.  (It doesn't smell like stale cigars, however.)

Hospitality Carpets of Las Vegas (15 October)

The work of orienting people in vast spaces relies in some part on visual queues in the carpets, which...  can also be disorienting.  I find these remarkable.  

Autumn Storm (10 October)

 Clouds make skies far more interesting - and they rarely get credit for it!

Pelican Commute (10 October)


Skylines (7 October)


Crowd scene (7 October)

 A sample of the audience.

Smoke Heart (7 October)

 The crowd said, "awwwww" loudly (to be heard over the jets).

Airshow on the Bay (7 October)

 The Patriot Jet Team flying low.

Labor Memorial Ground Mural (7 October)

 A reminder of the struggle for workers' rights.

Jetting (6 October)

 Seen from the Mission Bay Area.

Sea Lion being itself (30 Sept)

 When I only see their heads, I usually guess that they are seals, and I am usually wrong!