Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Raining north of the Bay Bridge


American White Pelicans (20 July)

I had never seen these before!  My first guess was cranes (so wrong), but zooming in on this photo allowed me to see their pelican features.

Brown pelicans impress me constantly, but these differently decorated birds prefer to fly inland.

Highton (14 July)

 The crew has to climb a ladder to depart?  Oh, my!

Building facaded variety (14 July)

 How can these all be lining the north side of THE SAME STREET?!?!

Streetcars on... the street (14 July)


Rays (13 July)


Saturday, July 9, 2022

My favorite bridge (6 July)


Moon Over Salesforce (6 July)


Warm Evening, Ferry Building (6 July)


Rosy clouds (over San Bruno Mountain, 6 July)

 Heading home around 8pm was rough, but at least the skies were filled with lovely colors.

Holiday Monotype Madness (4 July)

 It's been a while, and I'm out of practice, but I had a lot of fun!