Wednesday, June 5, 2024


Delicious lattes in Alameda. 

Golden Trumpets

So cheerful... 

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Cream Cheese Brand Colors (28 May)

Yes, it is from Philly.  No, I'm sure it is no coincidence. 

Hallway with landing lights (28 may)


Reddest Bathroom (28 May)

Bathrooms CAN be completely delightful. 

Good posture (Calder at the table)(28 May)

I took a day off and went to SFMoMA.  The way this Calder balances at the edge of the table is satisfying. 

Summer Indoors (27 May)

Yes, these are the colors. 

Monday, May 27, 2024

Carnaval 14

I have an unexpectedly high number of favorite photos from this event (I'm usually so bad at this! What happened?!?  Also am giving many of them an overexposed look to compensate for the harsh May shadows, so you can see the faces in the shadows of the hats and headdresses, and that takes time...).  I need more time to review and organize them, so I'll stop my posting here for now. 

Carnaval 13

I learned some things about festival color coordination, and how it makes an impressive view from a distance if done this well. 

Carnaval 12

Always delighted with the Afro-Carribean presence at this festival! (Also, great use of fabric to make a splash!) 

Carnaval 11

It's a kind of community service to put on an awesome costume and dance down the street to raise local spirits - as well as just being cool. 

Carnaval 10

I now wonder why I don't wear a sash with my name on it, plus a tiara, when I go to work.  Hmmm...

Also, I send love to my doctor neighbor who used to travel to Central America and bring me back beautiful, embroidered blouses when I was a kid.  I loved those.  (I still have them - I've used the embroidery to make beautiful cyanotypes!) 

Carnaval 9

Hello, high Andes!  The neon-like colors of the costumes always stand out. 

Carnaval 8

Their energy is impressive - it takes a lot to maintain the rattle-rhythm at the intense beat that they dance at. 

Carnaval 7

So many great costumes! (And so many sore feet by the end, I am certain!) 

Carnaval 6

I anticipate that my pen friends will tire of me sending them parade photos - but they can't stop me! 😂 

They have a Lent-related carnaval in Europe -- Fasnacht in Switzerland, where I was working, was a big freaking deal, and the people who participated looked forward to it all year.  Fasnacht was focused on European folk traditions and instruments.  

SF Carnaval is focused on the traditions of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the African Diaspora throughout the Americas, so it has different folk traditions and looks quite different - and the drumming is SUPERB!  

Carnaval 5

A passerby asked me if I attended the parade because it is pretty, and I told him I attend it because I love the community participation.  I also thanked my mother for taking me to our wonderful City festivals - Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo (back when we had that), Carnval, and PRIDE - throughout my childhood.  It was not only fun, but it gave me a sense of community engagement and celebrating our many different backgrounds and communities TOGETHER that I love so much.

Carnaval 4

The steadiness to walk the entire parade route with a tray of beverages on one's head is an understated performance piece. 

Carnaval 3

The Native (north) American group delivered this completely beautiful ceremonial outfit.   

Carnaval 2 (Aztec theme)

Ritual smoke, ankle rattles, and THE BEST HEADDRESS DISPLAYS,  always.  

Carnaval 1 (putting the CAR in CARNAVAL)

I went to SF Carnaval, and had entirely too much fun. The mood was good; the crowd was excited, the weather was blindingly bright but not oppressively hot or windy, and the parade outlasted me, somehow. (69 participating groups!)

The parade openers, the low riders and classic car clubs, went on for perhaps the first hour of the parade.  (I had a group from Nicaragua near me, displaying a flag, and so I heard and saw their joy for cars displaying Nicaraguan flags, or in a few cases, blue cars generally.  😄 )

Even as a cyclist/pedestrian who doesn't own a car, the particular cars in the parade reminded me of the Mission in the 1970s, and the fact that I've probably seen these same cars on the street from that era, with the same families in them (or their parents), is rather sweet.  So. Many. Impalas!  I can also swear on my stack of Girlyhead magazines that I also grasp the appeal of analog cars that can be maintained with the skill of an ordinary enthusiast.

What I appreciated this time (after several years of being unable to attend) was the paint.  The colors! The colors with a diferent shade of sparkle that is only visible in certain light/angles! (Favorite: dark gray with red sparkle.)  The subtle depth!  As a painter, I appreciate the care (and love of shimmer) that went into these.

As someone who lost a dear relative who was a fan of cars, one who would respond to any photo I sent of a fin with the make and model of the car, I was also nostalgic for the response he would have given me if I had texted photos to him in real time from this event.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Flower distribution


Microclimate where double cherries are just starting to bloom

On my side of this valley, the double cherry trees are mostly leaves; on the south-facing side, however, it feels like April. 

Before Glen Park

Speaking of murals, here's one from Amos Goldbaum of Glen Canyon within the Glen Park neighborhood. 


I like metal numbers!

This is merely the address within a satisfying mural by Aaron De La Cruz and Jet Martinez (link to instagram image of entire mural).

Beauty with violence

The martial arts school is gone, but its mural remains, raising questions about what might happen to you if you don't use the right beauty products. 

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Mythical Beasts (Inner Sunset)(Filtered)

 I exaggerated the contrast just because I can. 

Return trip

Verdant is the word that comes to mind.  How many years has it been since I've seen this much green in the state? 

Napa Blooms


Napa Scenes 4

I have friends who are not just up for adventure, but MAKE IT HAPPEN.  (But we are private people, so I'm not posting photos.)


I have an album from Wire with a similar cover... 

Napa Lunch (Los Agaves)

Delicious veggie taco plates, delicious and pretty beverages, and very good guacamole. 

Napa Scenes 3

Artichokes are beyond cool. 

Napa Scene(s) 2

Lovely places to sit and wander. 

Napa Scene 1

Nice terra cotta work. 


Glass window medallions were once made somewhat similarly... 

Memorial Metal

Surface of the metal from the NYC World Trade Center in the WTC Memorial of Napa. 

Into the Wine Country

I know I am a child of the drought, because all greenery in the landscape here in California surprises me.

Orchid weekend

My orchids are blooming or have new bloom stalks...  I guess they like the light they are getting in their new home! 

Saturday, May 11, 2024

Succulent blossoms

Digital sensors are starting to represent this color properly...  it used to be too vivid for the sensor to handle. 

California summer gold

It is California poppy time! 


I had a wonderful trip with a less-than-wonderful end, so I'm trying to think of it selectively.  It was my first vacation of the year, and I really needed to REST and have a chance of scene, by which I mean 'go to a place where I have no chores or obligations.'

As a gluten-intolerant vegetarian, I've struggled while traveling to eat well, but my past visits here plus research for this location paid off!  I ate very well, even at a hotel without a hot-breakfast option for me.

My reference list for others like me and/or next time, in alphabetical order:

  • Appetito (gluten free, cauliflower crust pizzas!)
  • Furusato Sushi (there's a page of veggie sushi!)
  • Island Vintage Coffee (coffee drinks only)
  • Leo's Taverna (hard to find Greek stand with falafel and huge, fresh, crunchy Greek salads)
  • Lulu's Waikiki (omelettes, veggie nachos, gluten free pancakes, bar food, delicious mocktails)
  • Noi Thai Cuisine (amazing Thai food (with two pages of vegetarian options) in a glittering location on the top floor of the Royal Hawaiian Mall)
  • Tanaka Ramen (legit ramen, including a delicious vegan option with gluten-free kale noodles!)

Saturday, April 27, 2024

Summer Pink (24 April 2024)

No matter how overworked I am, I really do take time to stop and appreciate the flowers. 

Cherry Blossom Festival Parade: Taru Mikoshi (Shrine)(21 April 2024)

Collage of three images of the shrine carried by volunteers in the parade

Yes, the finale of the parade is the Taru Mikoshi.  For those of us who were watching the parade closer to Civic Center, the parade ended abruptly without the shrine, likely because the shrine takes about 140 people to carry it, and there is a big hill between the start of the parade and its finale.  So the organizers wisely stashed the shrine near the top of the hill, and only had volunteers carry it for the last few blocks of the event.

Yes, I walked to Japan Center because I didn't want to miss it.

Yes, I sent one of these photos to my friends with the subtitle, "this is how sake is delivered to my house now."

Cherry Blossom Festival Parade: Dancers and Flag (21 April 2024)

There were multiple big flags, but this flag bearer was especially amazing.  (Also at dodging power lines for both buildings and electric busses!). The lower photo shows what I mean about the Yosakoi dancers filling the street so effectively and festively.

Cherry Blossom Festival Parade: Kimono (21 April 2024)

 There were multiple charming groups, including one from Hawaii, but I'm posting the photos with the showy kimono (because of course I am).

Cherry Blossom Festival Parade: Dancers (21 April 2024)

The Yosakoi dance teams from around North America were a cheerful highlight of both the stage shows and the Cherry Blossom parade: there were so man members of the teams and they worked so well together!  They did a big musical number together!  There is an art to taking up the street and filling it with movement and color, and they did this so well.

Cherry Blossom Festival Parade: Vivid Red (21 April 2024)

Okinawa and Vietnam represented!

Detail from Another deYoung (20 April 2024)


Summer White (10 April 2024)

Simple and lovely.