Saturday, April 27, 2024

Summer Pink (24 April 2024)

No matter how overworked I am, I really do take time to stop and appreciate the flowers. 

Cherry Blossom Festival Parade: Taru Mikoshi (Shrine)(21 April 2024)

Collage of three images of the shrine carried by volunteers in the parade

Yes, the finale of the parade is the Taru Mikoshi.  For those of us who were watching the parade closer to Civic Center, the parade ended abruptly without the shrine, likely because the shrine takes about 140 people to carry it, and there is a big hill between the start of the parade and its finale.  So the organizers wisely stashed the shrine near the top of the hill, and only had volunteers carry it for the last few blocks of the event.

Yes, I walked to Japan Center because I didn't want to miss it.

Yes, I sent one of these photos to my friends with the subtitle, "this is how sake is delivered to my house now."

Cherry Blossom Festival Parade: Dancers and Flag (21 April 2024)

There were multiple big flags, but this flag bearer was especially amazing.  (Also at dodging power lines for both buildings and electric busses!). The lower photo shows what I mean about the Yosakoi dancers filling the street so effectively and festively.

Cherry Blossom Festival Parade: Kimono (21 April 2024)

 There were multiple charming groups, including one from Hawaii, but I'm posting the photos with the showy kimono (because of course I am).

Cherry Blossom Festival Parade: Dancers (21 April 2024)

The Yosakoi dance teams from around North America were a cheerful highlight of both the stage shows and the Cherry Blossom parade: there were so man members of the teams and they worked so well together!  They did a big musical number together!  There is an art to taking up the street and filling it with movement and color, and they did this so well.

Cherry Blossom Festival Parade: Vivid Red (21 April 2024)

Okinawa and Vietnam represented!

Detail from Another deYoung (20 April 2024)


Summer White (10 April 2024)

Simple and lovely. 

Ingleside Landmarks Mural (6 April 2024)

 Put that wall to work! (Landmarks left to right: St. Emydius church, the Ingleside Sundial, City College, Beep's Burgers' neon sign, the K Ingleside streetcar, and the El Rey Theater.) 

Ingleside Modern Mural (6 April 2024)

This also evokes scenes from Daly City. 

Muholi (6 April 2024)

Fun portraits and self portraits by Zanele Muholi at SFMoMA.  A good exhibit (and I say this as someone who doesn't especially like portrait shows!)

A Photographer I should Know (6 April 2024)

Sonia Noskowiak photographs things that I would also love to photograph!  How have I not seen her work before?

Cool Gallery (6 April 2024)