Saturday, February 4, 2023

Blue Clouds (Feb 2)

 So blue!

Dreamy Sunset Over the San Francisco Bay (Feb 1)


Streetlamp before sunrise (Jan 30)


Faceted faith (Jan 28)


Sharp corner (Jan 28)


SF New Chinatown Subway Station alcove (Jan 28)

 Alcove Appreciation

SF's New Chinatown Subway Station (Jan 28)

I've really enjoyed the art at each of the three new stations.  Great work by the City on ensuring the art budget gets applied.

Agriculture-altered scenes (Jan 27)

So much of the train ride home is heavy in petrochemical industry scenes, but these are also heavy-industry-shaped.  Agriculture is a VERY heavy industry.

Alien cow abduction (Jan 22)

 On the way to visit a loved one in an intensive care unit, I still took a moment to appreciate this piece.

Corrugated buildings (Jan 20)

I was waiting for news of a loved one who was in the hospital, and while I waited to plan my visit, I went for a walk.  The shadows were pleasantly harsh.

Lions of the New Year (Jan 19)

I've loved lion dancing since childhood (I've written short scripts for tiny movies about lion dancing on a muni bus, which would be fun to make someday), and so was delighted to enjoy this performance with colleagues.

Concrete Pagoda of Peace (Jan 16)

The friend who joined me in San Francisco's Japan Center (Nihonmachi) has been sharing this photo widely, because of the DRAMA.