Thursday, May 28, 2020

Vividly [an ambiguous color]

One of the visible limits of digital sensors is their struggle with intense red-violet-fuchsia colors, which never seem quite right in the image.  This is pretty close to how it looked, though I believe that is because it was in part shade.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Holiday colors

If I go too long without painting, I kind of forget how, and have to teach myself again with simple exercises.  It's awkward, really.

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Feeling “mallow”

I hadn't really noticed the tiny hairs in the center between the petals before...  The buds are interestingly shaped as pods, and the petals are rolled up beautifully...  I keep thinking that it must be difficult to grow such delicate, separate layers when they are so tightly wound, but plants are great at it!

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Triangle testing

I exhausted my supply of letter-sized photo paper, and finally got a new order in.  What better way to test it than with some abstract, software-derived, photo-based compositions?

Conclusions: the paper is good. 44 lbs / 165 g weight holds the ink much better than my prior selections.  I wish I'd increased the resolution of some of these abstracts sooner (I had intended to print them very small when I first started generating them).  I've used a couple as the back of stationery recently, and if I keep that up, I should really consider having my printer do a run of them for me, because this is a lot of photo-quality, archival ink!  Yes, I really do sit around, converting photos into triangles.  Yes, it is rather therapeutic, now that you mention it.  

Friday, May 15, 2020

Halos of detail

I like to show the flowers on these succulents as a sort of carpet, but they are interesting up close as well!

Early summer color

Yes, I left the house today. 

Yes, it felt strange.  I've been indoors engaging in self-quarantine / shelter-in-place to quite successfully minimize the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus that causes COVID-19 infections for TEN WEEKS now, going out only for essential supplies, and just twice for exercise.  So, I am well-supplied, but also in terrible physical shape!

Here are some plants within half an hour's walking distance of my house, from various domestic gardens in my area.  

Unfurling of the bottle brush

I've always founds plants in the Callistemon family to look rather "messy," as many shrubs that grow upward and then have hanging branches look to me.  (Yes, I'm in some European-style garden, talking to other plants with similar structure in an encouraging tone: "Weeping willow, pull yourself together!") 

I do like the way the buds unfurl to show all those wild stamens, though.  The complexity of those buds, with so many separate bits growing together, coiled tightly, is impressive. 

So here is a set of three images showing the buds when they first begin to open, as the stamens spread, and when they are completely out.  I like them more up close than I do from afar!

Friday, May 1, 2020

Cupping the sun (succulent-ly)

Cotton swab buds

So soft!

Fancy protea


Golden light

Boathouse and hills

San Francisco has some great public parks!  Which are largely closed, but not REALLY closed.

During the health order, we are supposed to stay within walking distance of home.  For those of us who used to walk 7 miles a day, that is limiting, but not completely oppressive...  though I miss many of my favorite walking spots that are usually a streetcar away.  (My streetcar stopped running during the health order.)

There are signs up all around this lake encouraging us to take precautions: to exercise alone, to not play sports that involve sharing a ball, and to keep at least six feet away from others.  We did a reasonably good job, I think.

Wide open spaces

I left the house and went for a long walk for the first time in... seven weeks?  Yes, I think so.  SEVEN WEEKS.  I had been a 10-11k daily step count person before the pandemic.  But staying at home, that dropped down to 2-3k. 

I've missed the outside world.