Wednesday, June 5, 2024


Delicious lattes in Alameda. 

Golden Trumpets

So cheerful... 

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Cream Cheese Brand Colors (28 May)

Yes, it is from Philly.  No, I'm sure it is no coincidence. 

Hallway with landing lights (28 may)


Reddest Bathroom (28 May)

Bathrooms CAN be completely delightful. 

Good posture (Calder at the table)(28 May)

I took a day off and went to SFMoMA.  The way this Calder balances at the edge of the table is satisfying. 

Summer Indoors (27 May)

Yes, these are the colors. 

Monday, May 27, 2024

Carnaval 14

I have an unexpectedly high number of favorite photos from this event (I'm usually so bad at this! What happened?!?  Also am giving many of them an overexposed look to compensate for the harsh May shadows, so you can see the faces in the shadows of the hats and headdresses, and that takes time...).  I need more time to review and organize them, so I'll stop my posting here for now. 

Carnaval 13

I learned some things about festival color coordination, and how it makes an impressive view from a distance if done this well. 

Carnaval 12

Always delighted with the Afro-Carribean presence at this festival! (Also, great use of fabric to make a splash!) 

Carnaval 11

It's a kind of community service to put on an awesome costume and dance down the street to raise local spirits - as well as just being cool. 

Carnaval 10

I now wonder why I don't wear a sash with my name on it, plus a tiara, when I go to work.  Hmmm...

Also, I send love to my doctor neighbor who used to travel to Central America and bring me back beautiful, embroidered blouses when I was a kid.  I loved those.  (I still have them - I've used the embroidery to make beautiful cyanotypes!) 

Carnaval 9

Hello, high Andes!  The neon-like colors of the costumes always stand out. 

Carnaval 8

Their energy is impressive - it takes a lot to maintain the rattle-rhythm at the intense beat that they dance at. 

Carnaval 7

So many great costumes! (And so many sore feet by the end, I am certain!) 

Carnaval 6

I anticipate that my pen friends will tire of me sending them parade photos - but they can't stop me! 😂 

They have a Lent-related carnaval in Europe -- Fasnacht in Switzerland, where I was working, was a big freaking deal, and the people who participated looked forward to it all year.  Fasnacht was focused on European folk traditions and instruments.  

SF Carnaval is focused on the traditions of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the African Diaspora throughout the Americas, so it has different folk traditions and looks quite different - and the drumming is SUPERB!  

Carnaval 5

A passerby asked me if I attended the parade because it is pretty, and I told him I attend it because I love the community participation.  I also thanked my mother for taking me to our wonderful City festivals - Chinese New Year, Cinco de Mayo (back when we had that), Carnval, and PRIDE - throughout my childhood.  It was not only fun, but it gave me a sense of community engagement and celebrating our many different backgrounds and communities TOGETHER that I love so much.

Carnaval 4

The steadiness to walk the entire parade route with a tray of beverages on one's head is an understated performance piece. 

Carnaval 3

The Native (north) American group delivered this completely beautiful ceremonial outfit.   

Carnaval 2 (Aztec theme)

Ritual smoke, ankle rattles, and THE BEST HEADDRESS DISPLAYS,  always.