Monday, January 20, 2020

Shiny lines

Interference green acrylic paint really shows up on Mars black!  And silver reflects too boldly in my dining room's LED lights...

Yes, I am interpreting the one on the lower right to be a disoriented stomach, now that it is horizontal.  It's easy to see eyes in everything - there's a big part of our brain devoted to faces, so Pareidolia sets in easily, on a stomach-shaped drawing or otherwise.

I'd planned to continue my yellow ochre series, but ran out of the right size of paper.  (The scandal! And me up to my eyeballs in watercolor paper, too.  It's just not the right SIZE.)  I've got a magenta series planned, but need to test some new surfaces & sizes & pens.

HOLIDAYS ARE WONDERFUL. This is so unlike what I do for a living!

Saturday, January 18, 2020

First Polaroids of the new year, partly cloudy day

A photo by warm fluorescent lights of... photos.  I had some exposure issues while it was cloudy (lower left), but had better luck as the day went on.

Favorite reflection from vast collection

I am sure I've posted other variations of this.  I am somehow not ashamed.

Ensuring enough corner views

Historical hydrant colors

They started as red, now they are light blue, and here you can see the in-betweens.

Iron & Gold

Friendly glass fish

Stairs of local history

A good use of stair risers to display historic photos near City College of San Francisco's main campus.

Tuesday evening sky

You know I appreciate skies, right?  You know this.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Wall for expression

There is a wall on Valencia on what I believe was once a police station, many years ago...  (At least, in my childhood thousands of years ago, I dreamt at least twice of something terrible happening, and needing to find this building to get help... and being unable to find it and/or get in?)  I don't know what it is now, if anything, but I DO know it gets a wheatpaste-facial every few days/weeks/months by local artists, especially political artists.  And now, murals!

I often Google references I find here: today I learned about an autonomous region in Syria called Rojava based on posters seen here.

Fun blue

Such a distinctive color.  (There is a fountain pen ink that I write in, Diamine's Steel Blue, that is very close to this...)


Also in Noe Valley: getting a bit Art Deco.  Those tiles were a surprise to me.

Looking up at Victorians

The variety of the colors and spaces (and spacing) of these old buildings always interests me...  There was so much effort put in to make them look like every area had been treated thoughtfully...  These are from a walk in Noe Valley.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Oh, California

SF Union Square tree

I love to photograph SF's trees on clear, dark nights!

The star is really nice.  I've photographed it many times, and always find it charming.

We really need to get our giant city menorah a nicer enclosure: police barricades aren't FESTIVE.  

Local people


There are some "new" interpretive signs at the bridge atop Yerba Buena Gardens that heads toward the original Moscone center.  It has great information on the old shoreline, and the archeology that has cropped up during construction work.

This map shows the names (used by archeologists? collected by Spaniards exploring the area?) of locals who were disrupted/displaced by the later arrivals, including the Spaniards, Mexicans, and Americans who took over the region.

(Whenever people talk about immigrants, I remember that I live on land that has been controlled by the Ohlone, Spain, Mexico, AND the U.S.  We are the immigrants!)