Sunday, July 14, 2024

Weekend of Colors

Saturday, I compared my new set of Schminke Horadam 9 'exceptional' colors (top) to my standard set of 12 (second down, with sepia omitted - the sets are subtly different in this photo, but more clearly different in person. I'll be able to mix all kinds of colors, now!).  I have a few colors from other brands (the four on the left), since SH half pans used to lack local distributors, and I wanted my favorite pigments for mixing.  I combined my favorites from both SH sets into one tin, but will adjust it as needed for my subjects.

Today (Sunday), I played with the Finetec metallics (bottom image), to get a feel for whether their streakiness can be either utilized or overcome.  Laying down broad washes was challenging (perhaps because this paper is so absorbent), and makes me wonder if I should be using acrylics for these effects instead. (Metallics go down so smoothly in acrylic form.)  I may need to save these paints for line work or limit them to highlights or small areas.  (I also need to decide if I'll add black or silver metallic acrylic ink to these to "finish" them, or if they finished enough.  Hmmmm....)

Summary: I had FUN with colors. 

Saturday, July 13, 2024

New Moth

The orchid that my office sent when my father died is blooming again: this is the first flower to open on either of its two healthy stalks.

So now I know: my orchids really like the new skylight in my dining room.  Three plants are in bloom, and the one downstairs is getting closer and closer... 

Showing in the Historic Despicable Me 4 (Alameda Theater)(10 July 2024)

How do I not have a collection of photos of this well-maintained old theater? There are so many details to enjoy: the neon, the perforated corners, the marquee...  I don't spend much time on the main island of Alameda, but took my team to lunch, and got to see this in passing.  I hope to return to have a better look in similar lighting.

Coffee foam (tropical plant)

Even I am shocked at my restraint about posting these.  I mean, I photograph them constantly, but I'm holding back... 

Saturday, July 6, 2024

China Basin Park

It was fenced off for nearly a year, but this space on the south side of McCovey Cove certainly has been transformed.  (Also, the public bathroom is SUPERB.) 

Summer pink at Mission Creek

I was standing in a way that could have had me fall into the swale, but I didn't.  And even if I had, it was for ART. 

Thursday, July 4, 2024

Watercolor study

Have I mentioned that painting is hard?  It's only fun when it is working, and I am very much out of practice.  Practice is what will fix me, though, so I am working on it... 

Proud beads

Yes, I was wearing these all day Sunday after the parade, as if it was the most fun and normal thing in the world.  No regrets! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2024

Iridescent paints

I wrote about my semi-opaque Japanese watercolor tests today on my other blog, but here I'll just note that my iridescent paints show the brush strokes even on this paper (Clairefontaine mixed media black), so I think I understand how heavily to lay it on now to show fewer strokes.  Also, the colors look very gray and brown on white paper UNLESS you view them at an angle, so I better understand how to use them there, too.

It's nice to take time to test these things out, rather than suffer disappointment on some drawing I've spent ages on...

SFC Atrium (1 July)

It remains a nice view upward, even though much of the mall is unoccupied. 

Monday, July 1, 2024

PRIDE favorites 7 (30 June 2024)

Great day for flags! I even like the corporate flag at the top, which is well-done. Yaaay, PRIDE! 

PRIDE favorites 6 (30 June 2024)

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence always make a bold impression.  I've always admired their events.

PRIDE favorites 5 (30 June 2024)

A colorful, skilled delight! 

PRIDE favorites 4 (30 June 2024)

Planned Parenthood makes a splash! 

PRIDE favorites 3 (30 June 2024)

Happy feathers! (Carnaval vibes continue to spread joy.) 

PRIDE favorites 2 (30 June 2024)

 What a shade of yellow.

PRIDE favorites 1 (30 June 2024)


PRIDE is always fun! I didn't take many photos this year, but it was grand.

It was also fun to hear first-timers attending, and being thrilled and impressed.

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Dusty matilija (29 June 2024)

The tissue paper-like petals always impress me, along with the enormous size of these flowers.  How do I not yet have this growing in my own yard? 

Sails (29 June 2024)

Ahhhhh.  I love having friends who enjoy long walks, even in windy weather! 

Presidio Neon (29 june 2024)

I have photographs of this sign with nearly every type of camera and film I own.  And I printed images of it with an old-fashioned etching press using UV-plates...  It's just so nice!