Saturday, July 31, 2021

Tiny monolith

Marin County and Angel Island are off in the distance.

Leggy hunter

Hydrangeas as light as sea foam

View from the Baker Street steps

The Lyon Street steps are quite famous, and rightly so (garden terraces aren't common here, so it is special), and so I somehow had never been down the Baker Street Steps before.

It's nice to have a lush green block on that steep slope.  

A red-fuchsia beyond the range of sensors

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Saturday, July 17, 2021

Station J

Corner of corners

I know I don't have to display it this large, but it is so NARROW...


Once upon a time, it was a movie theater, rather than housing.

Hidden temple

It looks like a tiny columbarium...  


I've seen Caratoes' work before, and this fragment (the mural is 3x this wide) isn't her only piece in San Francisco.  

This was part of my 'wandering into alleys to look at the walls' Saturday.

Neon fragment (GWREX Hotel)

Stately school brickwork

Morning at the fancy pier

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Playing with the Instax mini film

With my planned photo outing waiting on better weather, I went out to see if I can figure out what the camera REALLY sees, since the viewfinder is intended for multiple film formats, and what the camera sees varies depending on focusing distance.  Sometimes, I guessed well.  Sometimes, I did not guess well.

Birmingham livery looking good

The woman in the ad sure looks happy about it.

Looooong musical mural

This is the first time I've passed this mural and could capture it without annoying people standing near it! It is SO FESTIVE, especially on a gray day like today.

This is by artist Johanna Poethig (, and it wraps around the building - these are just images from the Golden Gate Avenue side, there is more of it in Hyde Street.

Surface designed by the Master in Dr. Strange (not really)

Well, I'm joking, but only barely.  (Jeanne Gang's Studio Gang gets the credit.)