Sunday, June 18, 2023

San Mateo Japanese Garden (11 June)

Some of my most popular infrared images were made here, more than a decade ago...  It was fun to return and see how it has grown (in the visible light spectrum, even).

San Mateo Roses (11 June)

 The San Mateo rose garden is bursting with color.

Army AND Navy (8 June)

I was a member of the gym inside this building for YEARS, but always entered through the main gym entrance on the other side.  I didn't notice the tile details until quite recently, since I rarely walked on this east side of the building!

Golden lily (5 June)

 So warm!

A wall in need of a mural (Pier 42)(31 May)

 I believe this wall has all kinds of potential...  Especially since it contains a museum.  

My pain idea for this wall is that it should have a color photo of itself, but smaller.  Perhaps with a smaller photo of itself on that one also...

San Francisco Reflections on 101 California (13 May)

There are always utility poles in these images, or streetlights...  Yes, I might be trying to justify purchasing a drone, and no, that likely isn't a great idea.

San Francisco Reflections - Mira (13 May)

 I like slightly distorted reflections of complex geometric shapes.  But... you know this about me.

Pale yellow succulent blooming (26 April)

 I've been working long days plus weekends, so my posting is of lower quantity!