Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Mission Bay shapes

This is a little collection of architectural textures and shapes from my walk today.  Mission Bay has some of our newest buildings, and has almost wholly replaced the industrial warehouses, gravel yards, and shipyards that previously occupied the land, so gives a sense of unrestrained hip-ness in building styles.

Subtle mosaic

The Ferry Building has many things to like, and I like the little mosaics on the columns.

Photo trap

Vacant storefronts within our Ferry Building Marketplace ( are covered in flowers, and no one can resist a selfie there.  (Aside from me, apparently.)  

Same Cupid, new background

The stack of boxes just to the left of the fletching is a stack of luxury condos, and I am entranced by the images on a local real estate listing site for them.  (75 Howard is the address.)   The gorgeous, not-lived-in-looking staged spaces are just superb, and the views are spectacular.  

Embarcadero geometry (& outdoor dining)

What a shapely skyline we have.

Usual mast reflections (photos I always take)

I don't mind being a creature of habit.

February basking

Living in a city surrounded by water on three sides is RATHER NICE.

Lure of the bay shore

The girl sitting in the water and mesmerized by it is basically me at any number of ages.  She's dressed for it!

You can see part of Chase Center and the Bay Bridge in the background.

New beach

Now that this area has been renovated, there is a wide, sandy beach (spreading far off to the right of this photo, and popular with visitors), access to the surprisingly clear (today) water, and a view of many types of cranes in their native port habitat. :)

Geometric base

Somewhere, from perhaps 2005, I have photos of this crane when it was still fully assembled...  I like what they've done to it!  It looks clean, and still has all the motor and bearing parts to move it along a rail near the bottom.  There are plenty of fresh 'DO NOT CLIMB' signs on it, as well. 

Crane Cove arrival

Crane Cove Park (, near 20th Street at Illinois here in San Francisco) has been in the works for a long time, and was completed last year - but I only learned this today.  I've only been to the western side of town twice since the March 2020 health orders came out, so it was something of a shock to look down 20th and see all of this!

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Monotype morning (13 Feb 2021)

It's amazing how much paint fun I can have by lunchtime...

Friday, February 12, 2021

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Early February Botany

I was looking at plants during my walk today.  I am ALWAYS looking at plants!  

Without getting technical, these are: (top) magnolia, willow, eucalyptus; (middle row) rhododendron, plum, camellia; (bottom) acacia, camellia, plum (or really early cherry, but it should be plum based on the time of year). 

Soft afternoon sky

During big sporting events, San Francisco's parks are not crowded at all! :D 

Saturday, February 6, 2021

Blue themed monotype day

I made ten more prints, but this is a nice sampling of the colors today. 

Roller cleaning

Saturday morning shapes

This is a pleasant way to relax after breakfast...  and to prepare for my particular style of monotype printing.