Sunday, December 31, 2023

Twinkly lights and New Year Wishes

 Best wishes for a peaceful, just (as in justice), positive (but not COVID positive), healthy New Year!

Pier 28 - three filtered views (30 December)

 The profile remains pleasing in any colors.

Gingko gold (30 December)


Li Po Neon (30 December)

 I was pleasantly surprised to see these signs still being so well maintained.

125 Years of the Ferry Building by Libby Staub (30 December)

 A very lovely pastel mural!

White Tent (Not for Camping)(30 December)


Lovely Ginkgo along Mission Creek (30 December)

 Not all of the gingkos in this park were fully gold, but this one is!

More monotypes (30 December)

Saturday's monotype illustrations: A print (left); hand cut paper masks (upper right); a pattern on the plate, beside the tool used to make it (middle right); print (left) and plate with mask (right). 

Monotype printing (28 December 2023)

 I tried different combinations of transparent and non-transparent colors and had fun!

Sunday, December 24, 2023

Palest Violets of the North Bay (20 December 2023)

 I'm going to be using this photo everywhere this year...

It's one building after all (17 December 2023)(filtered)

I had assumed it was two, especially since only one of them is uplight at night... 

Rays of Light (12 December 2023)


Golden Gingko (9 December 2023)


Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Let's Glow SF 2023 fun - Ferry Building

These photos don't capture how great these things are when they are moving! 

Let's Glow SF 2023 fun - Pacific Stock Exchange

These are just stills, but the fact that these graphics are ANIMATED and customized for the building is what makes these shows so delightful to watch! 

Let's Glow SF 2023 fun - Hobart Building

The Hobart building is always fun, but who knew it could be such a great projection screen? 

Sunday, December 3, 2023

Reflections Don't Work The Way I Think They Do (30 November)

 I was expecting something more... mirror like.  This is not that.  But it is real!

Polaroid Around Town (26 Nov)

Thanksgiving break had glorious weather and a chance for me to walk around with my SX-70 SONAR (!!!) and have some fun.  I'll write more about this at my photo website later this month.