Thursday, June 30, 2022

Golden light over Alcatraz

 (With the Golden Gate Bridge cloaked in clouds in the background.)

Frothy wake

 Fast boats are fun boats!

Rays of light shine down on SF

 I worked until 7:30 this evening, but it was still light out when I left work!

Islands under clouds (29 June)


Moth orchid in bold color (26 June)


Pelican (21 June)


Clouds like the surface of Jupiter (16 June)


Smeared clouds (16 June)


Sunday, June 12, 2022

Hovering streetcar (filter assortment)

Are they attractive because they have two eyes and a sort of brow?  There is something to the design that is charming, and I suspect it isn't just the rounded corners, the glossy shine, or the fact that the bell on the front is controlled with a little string that goes in near the side window.

Summer hydrangeas

 Hello, neighborhood freshness (and spring-colored houses).

Latte swirl

 It was muggy today, strangely so, but I still wanted my almond milk latte to be HOT.

Nightingale (Claude Lane)


Claude Lane - New Mural

I wanted to see if Claude Lane's businesses survived the pandemic (the short answer is no), but while I was there, I had a chance to admire this new mural by 1AM Projects ( (I love the video on their splash page!).

This isn't their first mural in this spot, AND this is the same team that put up the Ingleside Pride (on Ocean), Ocean Avenue panoramic mural at Geneva and Ocean, and a meadow at a local power substation mural as well!  

It's lovely work, and I'm happy to see it.

My ferry - collectible cards

I have friend in floaty places! Also: I am a vehicle geek.  It's not just that I like boats, but when I look back on my childhood career fantasies (astronaut, firefighter, flight attendant), I see that they all had cool vehicles, and believe that was part of each role's allure.  (The flight attendants were so NICE to me, that I wanted to be them more than the pilots.)