Sunday, August 2, 2020

Color scraps

These are little artifacts from my monotype printing projects.  

Monotype printing and acrylic ink drawing have sustained me while my darkroom is packed up.  I still need to figure out how to share or organize my output...

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Fan-fold Facade

Massive housing developments in Mission Bay continue to sprout up, trying to keep up with overwhelming demand in a city bound on three sides by water.  We can't sprawl, as other cities have, so we redevelop and go denser.  

For those of us who like New York City, this isn't a bad thing - this is nowhere near the density of Manhattan! - but accommodates more people and does allow us to grow.  It's good when a city has variety - NYC has brownstones AND highrises!  We have a collection of housing styles going back to the Mission era, with a great stock of Victorians AND very new/contemporary styles.  I enjoy the variety in texture.


San Francisco's old Victorians were known for their "bay windows," which are usually three-sided and part of an extension over the sidewalk below.  It's a local version of the historic "oriel window," and gives a room a bit more of a view than a flat window would.

Here's a modern take on that, popular in the Mission Bay neighborhood generally.  

Bay Bridge, as always

I adore this bridge.  Even just parts of it, even backlit...

Colorful Coit-like tower

I enjoy the many temporary sculpture installations we have along our bay-facing public waterfront.  We've had everything from giant spiders by Louise Bourgeois to enormous local sculptures destined for display at Burning Man by welding artists from Oakland. 

I <3 public art!

Growing stack of building

This stacking-box style of buildings has been popular in other cities (think of the New Museum in New York City) for a while, but I haven't seen much of it here.  Vertical windows have been popular in Europe for a while, while alternating-width windows are still catching on here. 

Cupid’s new neighbors

It's always nice to see this sculpture, and now (after months away from it), I can see it has a new backdrop!  San Francisco is a VERY dynamic city, and real estate prices have meant that new office buildings are always going up, so I shouldn't be surprised.  But I am!

I think I'll need them to finish the building before I can make a new postcard of it from this side.