Sunday, November 26, 2023

Red Ribbon Pavillion (23-25 Nov)

I finally went up the stairs above Rose Pak metro station! 

Machine Teeth (25 Nov)


Iron Horse (Slava Ukraini) (23 Nov)

 The neon in frames, the sunflowers, and the flag! (The windows are a bonus.)

Bird on Tide Marker (23 Nov)

 Cooperative bird model.

Sky Above Tide Themed Art (21 November)

The poles indicate the height of the water below the sidewalk/pier, but I wasn't thinking of that in the moment.  I was thinking that I likely own all the pigments needed to try to create this scene, but that no one would believe my drawing...

Sky Afire (hints of neon) (21 November)

Through a streetcar window, still amazing.  And to think I was annoyed at waking up too early, and deciding to go into work early...  This is all the consolation I needed.

Glorious pink clouds (9 Nov)

 Clouds like these make sunsets better.

SF Waterfront Dining below Hills Bros Coffee (8 Nov)

 Beautiful nights, cheerful lights