Friday, November 27, 2020

Warm glow

This was satisfying.  The sun sets every day, but it was wonderful to take some time to really appreciate it, and pay attention to it.

Sinking sun

It's hard to read the sun as it loses its edge.  My eyes kept showing me a line through it, as if it was sinking behind a fence...  It also looked strangely flat on top, for no apparent reason.  Here you can see that it looks like it is penetrating the horizon line in a way that doesn't merely look reflective...  Fun with optics!

Strolling along the shore

It's nice to see people at a safe distance through some means OTHER THAN ZOOM.  Also, it's nice to see people having fun, and clearly enjoying being outdoors.

At the beach

It has been cold in the mornings (in the 40s Fahrenheit), but the afternoons have been lovely, and lure us out with their brightness.

Light through the eucalyptus trees

We're so lucky to have such a fantastic collection of outdoor parks and natural spaces in our dense little City.  


There has been a TON of hard work in weeding and clearing trash that has blown or sunk or otherwise turned up along the Lake Merced Basin, and I admire the effort that went into it.  (Below the bottom edge of this photo are garbage bags, part of an old row boat, and other debris...)  It feels like this view of this particular grove is completely new.

So yellow

Plants are cheerful in their perfection...

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Wednesday watercolors (watercolor crayons)

I like to draw with crayons.  Grown-up crayons.  Water soluble Swiss crayons.  Sometimes touched up with watercolor pencils.  (Also grown-up, and in this case also Swiss.)

I'm warming up to another project, one based on things representing reality, but this is RELAXING.  I need to relax so much more than I do.

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Presidio in November Sunshine

I was going to set up a photo gallery for my walk with my hiking pod today, but my photos are just so much of the same old same old...  

Sands, but not of time

Yes, I do like the patterns that wind and water make.

Autumn on my mind

Autumn manifests in subtle and lovely ways here in San Francisco...