Monday, August 22, 2022

Eastern Span

I somehow still haven't walked on this bridge, likely because you can only walk to Treasure Island and back on it, rather than from SF all the way across...

President Wilson (the ship)

 I don't often travel from Jack London Square, but when I do, I take too many photos of ships!

USNS John Glenn

 This exotic ship can partly submerge to launch hovercraft from its low deck.  It's... amazing.

(Read more at the USNS John Glenn Wikipedia Page.)

Three Horses

 AT-AT inspiration!

Peace Mural, Oakland

 The Embrace by Alison "Hueman" Torneros, in the Jack London Square area.

Wandering through town with Instax Square film (21 August)

 I enjoyed myself!

Glowing green (21 August)

 I would have preferred an artificial blue, but no one asked me. :) 

Pier Vacancy (21 August)

Such a hip space, in this Port of SF pier building...  The bar here must have closed during the pandemic, and hasn't yet returned or been replaced.  Vacancies are so... new, conceptually.

Pandora's Boxes (Private Apartments) (21 August)

 I like this building too much.

Hollywood Spanish (Mission High) (21 August)

Yes, I'm leaving more space for text in my photos (in the skies).  No, that doesn't mean I'll ever finish those projects..

Edison (21 August)

 I like the fact that our grandest neighborhood buildings are schools.

Affection blossoming (20 August)


Thursday, August 18, 2022

The tallest cloud (17 August)


Busy sky (17 August)

 You already know what I'm like about clouds.

East Bay Rays (17 August)


Wednesday morning's stormy sky (17 August)

 How amazing is that for AUGUST!  (Places where it actually rains have no idea what I mean, but we drought-stricken folks are amazed.)

Sunday, August 14, 2022

Greetings from the little leopard

 It has been such a long time since she visited me...  She is beyond friendly, and I got away without getting scratched, which is always a gamble with her (and the other feral neighborhood cat).

Instax Square walk

While I spent some time planning for work on Saturday, I forced myself to leave the house and have some photographic fun today.  I had a false start (my camera batteries had died, and I was hungry for lunch when I realized it), but I eventually made it out and managed to get 17k steps in, despite the heat.

(I have no idea why 2 of 3 images of a graffiti wall on Market Street came out pale: the lighting condition was the same as the photo that came out fine. Perhaps I got sunlight in the lens when it was setting exposure?)

The presence of absence

There is a series of these sculptures in Trinity Plaza, and I find them quite clever!  These are by Lawrence Argent, who passed away prior to the pandemic.

Event space with an 80s theme

 Plant, wood counter, metal stool, Nagel wall paper, industrial lamp.  There is definitely a vibe they are after here!

New texture on Market

 I like seeing new, geometric things.

Stepped Balconies, Golden Gate Theater (filtered)

 [filtered to have more red-violet]


 Part of a wrap around mural with many great scenes by Design Nurd

Trinity Plaza

The new buildings, they have grown so TALL!

Lawrence Argent's sculpture Venus is impressive, and works with the height of the space so well.

Civic Center perforated screen

 There's some kind of refreshment establishment in Civic Center Plaza, and it folds away nicely!

Civil City


Rear of the donut shop

 It's big and bold, and a bit Cthulu-ish in the middle!

See other great murals by Caratoes (on IG)Lauren YS, and Tati Suarez (all linked to their sites).

Castro neon

 I <3 neon!

Global Mermaid (2 Aug)

 There are.... so many photos of ships on my phone!

Anyway: this is not what I expect a mermaid to look like, generally.