Sunday, June 30, 2024

Dusty matilija (29 June 2024)

The tissue paper-like petals always impress me, along with the enormous size of these flowers.  How do I not yet have this growing in my own yard? 

Sails (29 June 2024)

Ahhhhh.  I love having friends who enjoy long walks, even in windy weather! 

Presidio Neon (29 june 2024)

I have photographs of this sign with nearly every type of camera and film I own.  And I printed images of it with an old-fashioned etching press using UV-plates...  It's just so nice! 

Sunday, June 23, 2024

Three Unrelated Things at SFMoMA

A novel Japanese record player, a scene from the Living Wall, and a view of the atrium bathed in sunlight (and Olafur Eliasson's lovely work), each contributing joy to my day. 

Partially Erased Armchair (22 June 2024)


Coffee lights version 3 (22 June 2024)

I liked the hanging bare bulb arrangement AND I liked the hanging glowing tube arrangement and this is also just fine. 

Hollywood Spanish High (22 June 2024)

It's a good-looking school. 

Bath (in neon)(22 June 2024)


Sunday, June 16, 2024

Weird Neon

 The last installation from the Takashi Murakami exhibit remains and makes the east window pop!

Bell (detail)


Fun at the Asian Art Museum 2

The show of Bronze artifacts from China is well staged, artfully lit, and quite impressive.  I explored other parts of the musuem as well. 

Fun at the Asian Art Museum 1

Scenes from a stimulating afternoon at San Francisco's Asian Art Museum.  I especially enjoyed a series of prints by Mayumi Oda ( such as the one in the upper right hand corner, which are so contemporary while evoking traditional symbols.  (The rodents have adorable little aprons AND the interview text on the wall is delightful.  Go see her work!) 

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Arrivals (Looking Up) (14 June)

Finally looking at the structure between the ship-shapes... 

Favorite Hat Stand (14 June)

I'm glad I didn't know these existed, because they look strangely... collectible?  (Seen in an SFO Art Exhibit, Everyday Elegance in Chinese Ceramics.)

Melbourne Streetcar (10 June 2024)

I broke off a conversation mid-sentence with a friend and announced that I needed to ride this streetcar.  :D  Yes, I am that person.  Yes, it is a charming wooden vehicle. 

Snow in Summer (12 June 2024)

My own version of this tea tree in front of my house, which I helped plant, was blown down in a storm, and never fully recovered... plus, it's young branches were low, and neighbors decided it was a threat to their cars.  I would watch from home as they would reach up and rip branches off...  [rolling eyes at the nerve of people]

This one is in a public park and safe from that kind of nonsense.

Summer Red (6 June 2024)


Wednesday, June 5, 2024


Delicious lattes in Alameda. 

Golden Trumpets

So cheerful... 

Sunday, June 2, 2024

Cream Cheese Brand Colors (28 May)

Yes, it is from Philly.  No, I'm sure it is no coincidence. 

Hallway with landing lights (28 may)


Reddest Bathroom (28 May)

Bathrooms CAN be completely delightful. 

Good posture (Calder at the table)(28 May)

I took a day off and went to SFMoMA.  The way this Calder balances at the edge of the table is satisfying. 

Summer Indoors (27 May)

Yes, these are the colors.