Saturday, May 15, 2021

Crane appreciation wall

Silhouettes of cranes decorate this wall (hidden behind the trees) in a hip tribute to the nearby port.

Double outlet

This wall has been through some stuff!

Pulled together brick wall (Pier 70)

Our common approaches for reinforcing previously unreinforced brick walls are rather visible interventions!

Red stems, green and gold leaves

Just to post something relatively non-geometric for you...  The color transitions are nice (and hard to draw, at least for me.)

Cranes under clouds

Yes, I _am_ very fond of Crane Cove.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Transit rings

This was the only time I've been to Salesforce Transit Center (as it is currently called) without witnessing large crowds roving through the lovely gardens...

This still doesn’t look real to me

Glass box busy glass boxing.


We don't have redbuds in this area as native plants, so it was confusing to encounter this one (and a few of its friends) in Mission Bay.  I searched for "tree with sweet pea flowers" and it came up right away - it was a good call, they are in the same family.

The new side of 16th Street

So many rectangles, so little time...  I still sometimes expect to see the warehouses that used to occupy this area when I round a corner.  (There are still a few warehouses left...)

Yerba Buena in sun

This stairwell faces Howard street, and I don't think I've posted any photos before - the fountain is always the focus of shared photos (and postcards) of Yerba Buena Gardens.  But it deserves some appreciation - it's a nice spot!

A favorite installation back at SFMoMA

I am fully vaccinated, and took my first trip to a museum since March (or late February?) 2020, and was DELIGHTED - beyond delighted - to see a favorite Studio Olafur Eliasson piece in the SFMoMA atrium bridge! With capacity limits still in effect, I didn't need to wait long to take my turn to walk through the piece, which is different in each direction, thanks to the careful design and arrangement of facets that are either dark or colorful.