Monday, July 3, 2023

Patriotic Decorative Explosion Appreciation

The local baseball team announced that tonight is Fireworks Night, and I decided that the stadium's location was ideal for seeing actual fireworks, rather than the traditional glowing fog show.

Cell phones have gotten SO MUCH BETTER AT THIS - I'm quite pleased.

Serrated (at Sees) (2 July)

 That top edge...

Sequins at the new Britex location (2 July)

 I was so relieved when they relocated, rather than closing forever...  (Not that my sewing machine isn't in storage.)

Love behind the Apple store (2 July)

 It's a nice little courtyard with seating AND Love.

Abundance at Maiden Lane (2 July)

 The flowers aren't real, but the sentiment works.

Maiden Lane's Frank Lloyd Wright (2 July)

 How a spiral building wound up being an Italian menswear shop rather than an art gallery...  

Union Square Station, looking up (2 July)

 The planet-like graphics, the topo maps...  the glass ceilings at Union Square subway station are lovely!

Sunday, July 2, 2023

Seaplane Sculpture (filter fun)

 Out at Alameda's Seaplane Harbor for the first time,  I enjoyed this firm but delicate-looking sculpture.

101 Reflections (filter fun)

 I have many photos of the reflections on this building...

San Francisco PRIDE (25 June 2023)

PRIDE is always fun, and I remain forever grateful that my mother took me and my sister to PRIDE regularly when we were children here in SF.  It is a great celebration, and there is powerful sense of community and JOY that has always made a positive impression on me!

A favorite side benefit of being a local who loved local celebrations is that there is carryover from the Carnaval celebrations just a few weeks before: our friends and neighbors had already been practicing for months and have fantastic costumes, and so joining in on the fun and sharing joy with another local community makes perfect sense!