Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Supersense: One Instant packfilm kickstarter funded and underway

I'm happy to have backed Florian (Doc) Kaps' new project, which is "One Instant" peel-apart pack film for Polaroid-type Land Cameras. Yes, of course I still have a Land Camera. What kind of fanatic do you think I am? I like the cleverness of the project generally. For example, they tried to recreate the complex, accordion-fold package that pack film used to have, and it's a logistical nightmare. So, they decided to skip that, and make recyclable paper holders for single shots instead. Which is SO SENSIBLE. Here's their new website. With the Kickstarter funded, they'll hope to produce film and get it out mid-year-ish. #instantfilm #polaroid #landcamera #supersense

One Instant

ONE INSTANT is based on a new, radical concept. It's not a classic packfilm but a next generation type 100 instant film that doesn't even dare to compete with the classic film legends of packfilm history.