Sunday, May 19, 2019

Maker Faire Bay Area is fun

Because: of course it is!  Everyone should get to enjoy going to science fairs that overflow an event center and have sculptures that walk or blast fire.  I'm lucky to live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where both adults AND their children joyfully celebrate science.

Also: I WAS GIVEN NASA STICKERS.  *dancing*  My work laptop has just been improved many many times over!

There are some fun things to highlight:

There was also a piece that is what any Tardis of mine would likely look like, called Axis Mundi, which I'll link to below:

Axis Mundi - Thirty Circles

Axis Mundi is a geometric shrine in the form of a 6-sided gazebo, made entirely of LED lit, laser cut panels. Emerging from the inside of the structure sits a 3ft tall kaleidoscope. Within the mirrors of the kaleidoscope is an ever changing , infinitely reflected globe of organic growth, cosmic convergence, and fractal patterns.