Saturday, June 6, 2020

PofA in the sunshine

So, we still have coronavirus restrictions in place, and under those restrictions, we shouldn't GO anywhere.  The instructions say things like, if you can't walk there, you shouldn't go.  This sounds like a dare (if you know me), but I haven't taken it that way, and so my world has been pretty small.  I've ventured out no more than 3 miles from home in any direction, in a city that is 7 miles wide and 7 wide the other way.  (Saying 7 long and 7 tall doesn't sound right, because I am describing a square.  Argue with the screen if you want - I have the comments turned off.)

However, a friend flew 10+ hours into town for a funeral for an immediate family member, and those same pandemic restrictions applied to the series of events associated with a funeral, which made the funeral not really happen, in the traditional way (wake + funeral + burial ceremony + banquet).  Those of us who would ordinarily attend to support him unable to do so.  (Based on what we know of funerals in Italy, these are sensible precautions, and we respect them.)

So we had a picnic, because that is something we can do while staying about six feet apart and wearing masks, aside from the eating times.

The sun was shining.  I was nearly 7 full miles from home.  I was able to speak with my friend about his loss.  It was a good use of time.