Saturday, May 11, 2024


I had a wonderful trip with a less-than-wonderful end, so I'm trying to think of it selectively.  It was my first vacation of the year, and I really needed to REST and have a chance of scene, by which I mean 'go to a place where I have no chores or obligations.'

As a gluten-intolerant vegetarian, I've struggled while traveling to eat well, but my past visits here plus research for this location paid off!  I ate very well, even at a hotel without a hot-breakfast option for me.

My reference list for others like me and/or next time, in alphabetical order:

  • Appetito (gluten free, cauliflower crust pizzas!)
  • Furusato Sushi (there's a page of veggie sushi!)
  • Island Vintage Coffee (coffee drinks only)
  • Leo's Taverna (hard to find Greek stand with falafel and huge, fresh, crunchy Greek salads)
  • Lulu's Waikiki (omelettes, veggie nachos, gluten free pancakes, bar food, delicious mocktails)
  • Noi Thai Cuisine (amazing Thai food (with two pages of vegetarian options) in a glittering location on the top floor of the Royal Hawaiian Mall)
  • Tanaka Ramen (legit ramen, including a delicious vegan option with gluten-free kale noodles!)