Friday, November 4, 2016

City three of three on this wonderful trip: Stockholm!

City three of three on this wonderful trip: Stockholm!! I've been to Stockholm (twice!) before, since I have two WONDERFUL photographer friends who live there, and I was delighted to get to spend time with them again.

I arrived in clear weather, which didn't hold long, so I'm glad I got out and walked my legs off while I had the chance. By the end of my visit, it was SNOWING (!!), and as a native of San Francisco, it was too cold for me to fully function in that weather. I felt so brave just for leaving my friend's flat, only to see that parents were pushing their babies in strollers everywhere as if it was no big deal... Those Swedes are secretly and modestly rugged! :)

This photo set includes some scenes from wonderful museums. (The set is also captioned, as all my Google Photo collections are, so hit the "i" button to see my descriptions.)

#stockholm #sweden