Monday, January 20, 2020

Shiny lines

Interference green acrylic paint really shows up on Mars black!  And silver reflects too boldly in my dining room's LED lights...

Yes, I am interpreting the one on the lower right to be a disoriented stomach, now that it is horizontal.  It's easy to see eyes in everything - there's a big part of our brain devoted to faces, so Pareidolia sets in easily, on a stomach-shaped drawing or otherwise.

I'd planned to continue my yellow ochre series, but ran out of the right size of paper.  (The scandal! And me up to my eyeballs in watercolor paper, too.  It's just not the right SIZE.)  I've got a magenta series planned, but need to test some new surfaces & sizes & pens.

HOLIDAYS ARE WONDERFUL. This is so unlike what I do for a living!