Saturday, September 26, 2020

Lone tomatillo

Physalis ixocarpa, what a beauty you are!

I feel so lucky to have grown up with access to these, especially prepared by others in beloved salsa verde (green sauce).

I received gorgeous tomatillos this week with my produce subscription, carefully wrapped, with the husks fresh and completely intact, and immediately lost my mind wanting to photograph them, because - OF COURSE I DID. You know what I'm like by now. (It's this, a door, a cactus, or a cloud, right?)

I can't find the phone macro lens that I want to use (because it is TINY), or even the phone microscope attachment (less tiny, in a clearly labeled box, SOMEWHERE).

The Wikipedia tomatillo page says that scientists have found tomatillo fossils dating back 52 million years. That is the first thing I learned today. I am trying not to name anything "tomatillo fossil," though there is something satisfying about that combination of words.