Saturday, September 5, 2020

Indoor sports

So, there's a pandemic on AND a heatwave AND the air is unhealthy for sensitive groups due to wildfire smoke.  Every time I try to get some "fresh" air, I wind up with burning eyes.  So, it's time to catch  up on my photography chores, and that includes doing some Polaroid peel-apart print scanning from my most recent (yet not very recent) outing with my gorgeous Polaroid Land Camera from the early to mid 1960s.

You should be impressed that film that has been in refrigerators since about 2008 still works!  Yes, there are lots of odd edges, spots and areas that just won't develop on some of the prints, but they are kind of charming, in their way.

The only problem with catching up on scanning is that I wonder where other sepia peel-apart prints I made wound up.  I've got some favorites that...  I can't account for.  Where are they now?