Sunday, January 24, 2021

Monotype mornings are the best mornings

I've been cutting paper shapes during breaks during the workweek; I was ready when I woke up early this morning to get going with opaque monotype printing on my recently cleaned gel plate.  Yellow ochre works into many of my painting projects, so it worked into most of these prints today.  (It is slightly less opaque than I expected when mixed with metallic gold or titanium buff.  Now that I am using a range of acrylic viscosities, it's useful to notice that.)  The images at the lower right are just the paper I used to keep my roller clean. :)

I'm trying to patiently let the 30 or so in this set dry before I start plotting out the next session.  It's likely I'll cut more shapes today, however.

It's fun to try to use the roller to make patterns, rather than just spreading paint evenly.  

[Long ramble about opacity and how I can justify buying even more paint omitted, because you can't stop me! :D ]