Sunday, January 10, 2021

Naturally shaped (not pollarded)

Eucalyptus (from Australia) are a popular tree in California, despite their habit of exploding when they catch fire.  (This is an ISSUE in this new, more flame-filled era.)  They are tall and lovely, and smell nice.  This particular one is also very naturally shaped (relatively unpruned) and perhaps young.  

We pollard certain kinds of trees here (cut them back rather violently to near the main trunk), and that can result in some dramatic regrowth, which is what the older trees in the back show in certain sections.  New, tree-shaped branches grow from the cuts, and since these trees are already prone to looking like multiple trees that start at different heights, that characteristic becomes rather dramatic.  At a certain point, it feels RISKY to walk below a tree with many trees branching out of it over your head.  

But this one feels smooth and safe.  (Photo taken on 01/09/21.)