Monday, August 30, 2021

Fun Duochrome Day

Today was a fun vacation day. I bumped into an old friend! I got to pet friendly bulldogs! I got to take photos! I visited some sculptures I hadn't seen before! I was able to leave the fog belt, and then run back to it in the late afternoon!

I have one defective film pack (I suspect the battery is dead), and I need to decide whether to ask for a replacement, or try to fix it myself.  (The odds of me fixing it correctly aren't good, but would be faster than waiting for a replacement...) Hmmm...

Sample of my Duochrome today: 
I did plan on photographing UCSF's Owens Street Garage, which I've previously described as a place where Darth Vader would park, and I meant that in a good way!  It turns out that is also by WRNS Studio. My previous visits (not today) were clouded by wildfire smoke.  I'm sure I'll try again another day.