Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Polaroid Duochrome is pretty sweet

Any day I get to test a new-to-me film is a good day, and Polaroid Duochrome in Yellow made for a very good day!  

Yes, it is a 600 speed film that I insisted on shooting in my SX-70 under a neutral density filter; yes, I forgot to move the filter to the second package of film (oops), which wasted 6 shots; yes, another two frames failed to eject entirely, so those were also wasted.  The film develops slowly, so I had left the scene before realizing some of my prints were overexposed.

Yet, once I learned what light needs it has, got my ND filter on, and used the 'darken' wheel?  INSTANT FILM JOY.

(Featured Duchrome photos take near and inside Salesforce Transit Center (which I'll also call the Transbay Terminal) designed by Pelli Clark Pelli)