Friday, August 27, 2021

Great morning at the Asian Art Museum

I had a wonderful morning at The Asian (, and it truly felt like a vacation day!

The special exhibit, teamLab's Continuity, pulled me in, but I also toured the permanent collection, because I love it.

In this collage, which captures a small sample of what I enjoyed: 
  • top left: Woman's Robe with Dragon Medallions, 1850-1900, China gallery
  • top center: scene from Continuity
  • top right: visitors enjoying Yun Suknam's work, in Korea gallery
  • center: Sekino Jun'ichiro's Fujieda: Wheat Field at Twilight, 1962, in the Japan gallery, and I am very excited by this artist's prints: there is a thing he does with elevation (a straight-on view) that we do in drafting school, and that my favorite documentary photographers also do with buildings, that this artist does with color in a way I REALLY LOVE, so I need to see more
  • bottom left: horse decoration in the permanent collection, which I like to scope out for things to sketch in person
  • bottom center: another scene from Continuity
  • bottom right: Xu Xi's Night Market in Old Chongqing, 1982, China gallery.  I love her use of density, the way she filled the background (non-traditional in an exciting way), the urban density and mood she portrays...  it's just GREAT!
Continuity was even better than I expected.  There are various 'immersive' art shows out there based on projection, but this one was (a) quite interactive, as in I enjoyed watching a school of fish part and pass around walking visitors, and touched kanji to watch them transform into other images, (b) technically sophisticated from a programming, projection, and equipment standpoint, as some of the images moved through the galleries in a nearly seamless way, which involves lots of complex ceiling-wall-floor geometries, (c) really beautiful - the images, colors, and movements were quite lovely.  The other visitors were also DELIGHTED.  I recommend it highly.